Penguins Podcast (kinda) w/ J-S Dea

Penguins Podcast

Despite our best efforts to record a podcast with Jean-Sebastien Dea today, the technology trolls had other ideas.  Though the audio was not of suitable quality to post, it ended up being a really fun conversation with the third-year pro.  Here are several of the highlights from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins Podcast – Text Edition:

On what new language Mike should learn as part of his New Year’s Resolution…

Mike: “It’s should be hockey based.  It could be German, Swedish.  We have a Latvian in the locker room.  I’ll say this…the obvious choice is French”

J-S: “Thank you”

Nick: “French is a nice choice.  You might be able to get Dominik Simon to tutor you in some Czech too. You can’t forget about the Czech.”

M: “We have three Swedes in the locker room right now. So they have the majority of the European contingent in the locker room.”

J: “But Mike, here’s the thing. The girls like French.”

With the Penguins facing Phantoms four times in 8 games, what’s it like to see the same opponent a lot in a short amount of time…

J: “It was kind of the same thing in juniors.  We had that rivalry.  [Rouyn-Nordana] went up against Val d’Or.  It was the “117 War”, because the two towns were separated by the one highway. I kind of knew what is like to play one team a lot.  I think we played them something like 12 times.   Those are battles.  That first game is just the beginning of the war until the end.  You can see it on the ice.  It’s always tough games, but it’s fun to play those games.”

On the Tom Sestito-Liam O’Brien battle from year’s playoff series versus Hershey…

J: “O’Brien was our captain on Rouyn-Nordana. So we’re pretty close.  It was kind of funny.  I was in between to be honest. [laughter] I was laughing both ways. I know O’Brien and the style he has to play on the ice.  So I knew he was going to be running around a lot.  I was chirping him a lot.  It was pretty funny to see though with all those tweets going back and forth.

On the Laval joining the American Hockey League next season…

J: “Really good city.  Lots of stuff to do. A lot of people in this area too.  A lot of people from Tremblant.  All those people from there are going to go games.  A lot of people from Montreal too.  Montreal is all about the hockey.  Yeah, there’s football and soccer, but Montreal Canadiens is the tops.  I think the AHL is going to be successful because the fans like seeing the prospects.  If you look at their Development Camp, the stands were packed.  Just for a little practice.  I think it’s going to be good for the league and city.  It’s going to be a great road trip for the guys.  A lot of stuff to do… …even for you guys.

M: Oh thanks, man. [laughter] We can get out there and maybe have a good meal?  You know, we’re allowed to have nice things from time to time.  Treat yourself.

N: You can use all of that French you learned over the summer.

On this week’s blind question from the podcast’s previous guest…

N: What was the last book you read and what was it about?

J: You know what? I don’t think I’ve read a book in five or six years.

N: What was the last book you read five or six years ago?

J: I don’t remember. [laughter] Probably it was for school and probably I had to read it for an exam.  So probably read a quarter of it and probably failed the exam.

N: So it was really good then.

On what the Penguins need to do to raise their game for the rest of the regular season…

J:  I think we just need to come back to the simple things that we were doing earlier in the season.   I think, like with most things in life, when you have a big advantage you can start to feel comfortable.  I think we just need to get back to work and enjoy the process.  The end of the year and the playoffs are the best part of the year.


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