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ALLENTOWN, Pa. – We will be bringing out continued coverage throughout the night of the 2017 AHL All-Star Skills Competition at PPL Center. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins Tristan Jarry and David Warsofsky will both participate in three events, so all you need to know about their performances and other  happenings of note will be chronicled live as they happen.

So keep that refresh button handy! Updates will come as quickly as the action between the East and Western Conference’s All-Stars.

Most recent information will appear at the top of the break below.

9:16 p.m.

FINAL – The Western Conference defeats the Eastern Conference’s All-Stars in the 2017 AHL Skills Competition, 15-11.


Fastest Skater is Devon Toews of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. He put up the second-fastest time in history, 13.478.

Hardest Shot is Kyle Wood of the Tucson Roadrunners, who unleashed a 99.3 mph bomb in his event.

Rapid Fire Goalie is Linus Ullmark of the Rochester Americans. He made eight-straight saves en route to an eight-for-10 performance.

Accuracy Shooting is Cole Schnieder of the Americans, who tied the all-time record of going four-for-five on his break the target attempts.


9:07 p.m.all-star-event-breakaway-relay
EVENT 7 – Breakaway Relay

The final event of the night. Five skaters go in individually on a goalie. After one person shoots, goal or not, he must skate back to the blue line before the next shooter can skate in.

Goals for points. That’s it.

• Linus Ullmark goes a perfect five-for-five saves out of the gate, including a barrel rolling poke-check save for save five.

• San Jose Barracuda goalie Troy Grosenick denies all five of the East’s shooters, including David Warsofsky.

• First goal of the event is the first shooter of the second round, Jack Roslovic of Manitoba. A beauty backhand roofjob, too. The West adds another goal thereafter and takes the overall score lead, 12-11.

• Jack Campbell stops all of the East’s shooters. Score holds. Two rounds gone, two to go…

• It’s a shame AHL schedules are strictly in-conference for teams like the Penguins. Fans don’t get to see players like Bakersfield’s Jordan Oesterle do what he does. He scores in the breakaway relay, but has been impressive all night in every event he’s participated in.

• Three rounds are done. The West has not allowed a goal. Tristan Jarry steps between the pipes for the East in the final round.

• Jarry lets two get behind him. Nifty moves by Spencer Abbott and Oliver Bjorkstrand. The east needs four goals on five shooters to tie in the final heat.

• Wow. The West’s goalies turn in a perfect 20-for-20 showing in the breakaway relay. Maybe it’s a good thing Wilkes-Barre/Scranton doesn’t play these guys. Shootouts would be… difficult.

The West takes it all, 15-11.

8:54 p.m.all-star-event-pass-and-score
EVENT 6 – Pass and Score

Cool event here. Groups of three rush into the zone all alone against the goalie. Every player must touch the puck once. If a pass fails and skitters awry, the play is dead and counts as a save for the goalie. The group of three regroups after every goal/save, and gathers a puck in the neutral zone and attacks again. Thirty second clock.

Every goal counts as a point towards the overall score.

• Thirty seconds goes by fast. If you get too cute, time runs out and you won’t get many attempts. Too few passes and these All-Star goalies can follow the play with ease. A lot at play here, but it looks like its enough time for everyone to get three attempts on average.

• West goalies coming up big through the first five heats.

• Spoke too soon on that last bullet point. Jordan Subban, Alex Grenier and late invite Chris Terry go three-for-three. Huge sequence for the East.

• And Tristan Jarry follows up that great offensive rush by the East by stopping all three shots faced! The first perfect goaltender in the event.

• The East is ROLLING. Another three-for-three by Jordan Weal, Chris Bourque and David Warsofsky to close out the event!

• Goal stripped from Warsofsky’s Pass and Score group. Rebounds do not count, through the crowd would like them to. East still big victors for the event.

The Eastern Conference has suddenly went from a 10-6 deficit to an 11-10 lead. Phantoms fans will have to begrudgingly thank Warsofsky and Jarry, too.

8:41 p.m.all-star-event-accuracy-shooting
EVENT 5 – Accuracy Shooting

Break the targets! Players receive passes from along the goal line by teammates and try and rip wrist shots at the targets positioned in the four corners of an empty net. They get 18 seconds to hit all the targets.

The individual with the most successful strikes in the fewest attempts earns a point for his team. Team with the best average hit:shot ratio earns a point.

• Cole Schnieder of the Rochester Americans denied going the elusive perfect four-for-four by the post. He finishes four-for-five, tying the AHL’s all-time record for the event. Big for the East.

• Lehigh Valley’s T.J. Brennan looked like a reliable anchor, but only hits three targets in the 18-second time limit. However, due to taking his time and limiting his attempts, the East takes both points. Huge. The West’s lead is cut to two… 7-5.

– Remember, folks, points are awarded for each individual event.

The Skills Competition pits the two conferences against one another.

After four events, the West leads the East, 7-3. –

8:28 p.m.
EVENT 4 – CCM Hardest Shot

Here comes Dougie. David Warsofsky and the rest of the Hardest Shot combatants are on deck. This one’s just as straight-forward as Fastest Skater. Shoot the hardest.

There are two attempts per shooter. The strongest of the two bids will count as that player’s score. The team with the highest average speed between four shooters earns a point. The individual with the hardest shot overall earns a bonus point for his conference, too.

Warsofsky will shoot second for the East.

• Warsofsky up to the plate. Time at to beat at this point is A.J. Greer’s 99.2 mph.

• Dougie earns the best time for the East thus far… 98.4. Midway through the event, East has the better average, Greeg has the bonus point for the West.

• Gun refuses to register for Tucson’s Kyle Wood on his first two shots. Gets to 99.3 on his fourth attempt, setting a new high for the event by a hundredth of a mph.

• 99.1 on Kerby Rychel’s first shot… can he up it on the second??? No.

• West wins the average score (98.1 mph) and individual speed thanks to Wood. The West has taken control on the overall scoreboard, 7-3.

OVERALL SCORES: West; A.J. Greer, 99.2 mph… Vincent LoVerde, 96.1 mph… Robbie Russo, 97.8 mph… Kyle Wood, 99.3… East; Casey Bailey, 97.4 mph… David Warsofsky, 98.4 mph… Jordan Subban, 94.0 mph… Kerby Rychel, 99.1 mph.

8:15 p.m.
EVENT 3 – AHL Live Rapid Fireall-star-event-rapid-fire

Two players line up in front of a goalie. They shoot very, very quickly. Point goes to the conference whose goalies make the most saves. Also, a bonus point is awarded to the team with the goalie who makes the most individual saves.

This is one of Tristan Jarry’s events, the first appearance by a Penguins tonight. He’ll go in the final round against Cleveland’s Oliver Bjorkstrand and Tucson’s Christian Fischer.

• The East gets a good start thanks to Rochester goalie Linus Ullmark. Eight saves on 10 shots faced. It was the last two shots he faced that beat him, too.

• After a few more heats, it looks like Ullmark might have this one locked up for the East. Two more rounds, one for each conference’s shooters. Jarry is the East’s anchor.

• Former Philadelphia and Adirondack Phantom Michael Leighton getting a nice ovation every time he’s announced here at PPL Center. He has to face a duo of Lehigh Valley shooters, though: T.J. Brennan and Taylor Leier. The crowd’s rooting interest seems… split.

• Leighton makes eight saves to tie Ullmark. Jarry needs six saves to secure the point for the East.

• Jarry goes down the middle. Five saves, five goals allowed. Overall score is tied 23 apiece. So one point is awarded to both teams. Also, since Ullmark and Leighton tied, the bonus point is null and void.

8:02 p.m.
EVENT 2 – CCM Fastest Skater

Simple. One lap around the ice. Go as fast as you can.

• Jack Roslovic, celebrating his birthday tonight, starts things off by going 13.674, third all time. Then Justin Bailey finishes 13.788, fifth all-time.

• Devon Toews speeds his way to 13.478, second-fastest ALL-TIME. Wow. He only trails Chris Summers, who did 13.324 in 2013. Toews wins the competition, but points split, 1-1. Overall score is 4-2 for the West.

OVERALL SCORES: West; Jack Roslovic, 13.674… Johnny Brodzinski, 13.787… Daniel O’Regan, 13.845… East; Justin Bailey, 13.788… Devon Toews, 13.478… Yanni Gourde 14.114.

7:51 p.m.
EVENT 1 – Sher-Wood Puck Control Relayall-star-event-puck-relay

Players take a full skate down the ice, retrieve a puck, then must return by maneuvering through a series of obstacles. Puck control is key. Units of three from the East and West go head-t0-head for the first two races. Then players go solo head-to-head for the final two. Winners of each race earn their conference a point.

• Cory Conacher blew a tire making a tight turn in Race #2. He made a nice recovery, but not enough to win the race. West took to the first two races and first two points.

• The West seemed poised to sweep the first event, but a big burst of speed down the stretch from home team favorite Jordan Weal steals a point for the East.


7:36 p.m.
Player intros starting, and so is the party here in Allentown.

• Hershey Bears Chris Bourque and Travis Boyd booed. Warsofsky and Jarry booed louder.

• Danny Brière is here as honorary captain of the East’s All-Stars, appropriately gets a nice reaction from the crowd. Never played for Lehigh Valley, but had a legendary career with the Philadelphia Flyers and played three games with the Philadelphia Phantoms once upon a time.

7:15 p.m.
Warm-ups have just come to an end at PPL Center. A couple of players hang around for fist bumps and photos with fans down at ice level. All of the glass that isn’t directly behind a net or near the corners has been removed, so fans can reach right over and interact with their favorite All-Stars as they go by.


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