Development campers play dek hockey around Pittsburgh

blog_dek hockey group

After skills sessions on the ice ended at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex in Cranberry, Pa., the Penguins prospects disbanded into four separate groups and scattered to different neighborhoods around Pittsburgh.

Waiting at all four destinations was one of the Penguins Foundation’s renovated “Project Power Play” dek hockey rinks and an assembly of youngsters waiting for their chance to play with future Penguins stars.

Despite the midday sun bouncing off the dek surface and creating some less-than-icy
conditions, the players managed to enjoy the experience.

blog_Gardiner dek“It’s cool to get out and do this kind of stuff,” Sean Maguire said. “I know I had a good time, and if we can make some kids smile in the process, that’s even better.”

Maguire, along with Nikita Pavlychev, Freddie Tiffels, Jeff Taylor, Cameron Hebig, Lukas Bengtsson and Reid Gardiner, went to the Pens Foundation’s rink in South Park, Pa., and held a Q&A session with the children who had just gotten done hacking and whacking away at them in a friendly scrimmage.

The Q&A featured hard-hitting questions such as “What is your favorite food?” and “Which one of you goes to Penn State?” (that would be Pavlychev,) the type of things the liberal media is too afraid to ask. But not these kids.

When it was all over, players made sure to sign autographs for those who wished to get Sharpie marks on their sticks, t-shirts, or goalie masks. The players got back on their buses and children loaded into cars with their parents where they left as very happy Penguins fans.

blog_dek hockey


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