The Daily Penguin – April 14, 2016


Wilkes-Barre/Scranton weighting all of its options in net ahead of this weekend (

The recaps from Jeff Zatkoff’s shining surprise performance in Game 1 of Pittsburgh’s series with the New York Rangers (;

Zatkoff got the moment he’d been waiting for for so long, and he seized it (

After last night’s performance, most of the hockey world wants to know, “Who is Jeff Zatkoff?” Well even though we already now, let Frank Servelli of TSN help paint the picture, too (

Everyone’s impressed with Tom Kühnhackl’s penalty killing ability, and who shouldn’t they? (

Mike Sullivan’s seven defenseman strategy played a big role in securing victory (

Justin Schultz got his first taste of Stanley Cup Playoffs hockey last night and reveled in the moment (

Olli Määttä returned for his long term injury for Game 1. When we can we expect other injured Penguins to come back? (


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